Rhino Crash is a quality repairer

Our beliefs and high standards led to the Rhino Triple Pledge being created:


Rhino Crash Triple Pledge

1 - We understand that every one of our customers has had a traumatic event and we will empathise with them.

2 - We will assist our customers with all the insurance formalities and provide quick quotes.

3 - We will repair vehicles on time and guarantee our work.


This quality service approach has gained Rhino Crash the award as the Best Large Crash Repairer SA 2013, from the Suncorp Insurance Company in association with Paint and Panel Magazine.

The Award is a validation and testament to our service philosophy.


Jason’s philosophy is that the customer must be satisfied for Rhino Crash to be a successful business.

Satisfied customers provide:

 - Validation to our staff that they have done well

 - A source of repeat business

 - New customers by ‘word of mouth’.


When we repair your vehicle we guarantee the work. This guarantee is for as long as you are the registered owner.

Re-work is expensive and a ‘loss making’ exercise for Rhino Crash.

So we do it right, first time, for your satisfaction and our peace of mind.


Published comments from Rhino Crash owner, Jason:


“We do what is right for our customers. Our target is to deliver the quality they expect; from our staff, our processes, the work we perform and the products we use.”


“We repair damaged vehicles, but we are actually solving people’s problems”


“We guarantee our repairs so quality is paramount. It satisfies our customers and prevents expensive rework”


“Every customer contact is a moment of truth, an opportunity to satisfy a customer and make an ambassador for our business’

Quotes from MTA newsletters and Trade Magazines.