What We Do If You Have An Accident

Select a Rhino site

Select a convenient Rhino repair site - we have 3 locations Rhino Crash West at 78 Marion Rd, Brooklyn Park, Rhino Crash City at 7 King William St, Kent Town and Rhino Crash North at 8-10 Camira St, Regency Park.


Contact and Discuss

Ring your selected site - Discuss your problem with our friendly staff. Rhino will explain the process and make an appointment for a quote.


Estimate and Submit claim

You will need to bring - Accident details, insurance details and your vehicle. Rhino will then help you complete the Insurance claim, inspect the vehicle and prepare a quote. Rhino will then submit your insurance claim and our quote to the relevant parties.


Approval and vehicle drop off

Rhino will be advised when your claim is approved - After this is done, Rhino will contact you and book the vehicle in for repair at a convenient time for you. Rhino will also discuss with you any requirements for a loan car. We will arrange for you to drop off the vehicle or will pick it up depending on your needs. Rhino will confirm the vehicle return time with you.


Repair - Inspection - Return

Your vehicle will be available for pick up following the Rhino Managers final quality inspection. Remember we guarantee our work so the repaired vehicle quality is as important to us as the customer. You will inspect the vehicle with the Rhino Manager and complete the formalities.