How we fix your car

Once your vehicle arrives at the Rhino repair workshop the Rhino Manager opens up your Auto-Quote to view the parts required/work required sections of the quote and a repair team is assigned to your job. The manager and repairer review the Auto-Quote parts and work list and plan the job.


Your job is placed on the computer and the repairer refers to it constantly as he books his time to each component of your job, meanwhile the parts will have been ordered by the manager and the repairer starts stripping your job.


A close inspection takes place of any areas of your vehicle that were hidden  behind other parts during the quote process. We are looking any secondary  damage. Any hidden damage is discussed on site and your insurance company will be contacted for a permission to proceed with any extra  work requirements.


Your job is completely stripped, the panel beating and body realignment is commenced as required, the parts arrive and go to the repairer or the paint shop for pre-painting. The panel beating and realignment is finished.


The manager and tradesperson conduct a quality inspection of the work and your job is moved to the paint shop for refinishing after which another quality inspection is done by the manager and tradesperson.


Back from the paint shop the repairer completes the final reassembly and adjustments. The vehicle will be road tested as necessary, cleaned and detailed. The Rhino manager and repairer conduct the final Rhino Quality inspection on your vehicle, you will then be contacted to schedule a time for pick up.


Upon pick up the Rhino manager will inspect the vehicle with you and  when you are satisfied, the formalities are completed and you take delivery of your vehicle. Arrangements are made for you to contact Rhino with any issues that may arise.  



Auto-Quote is an Australian designed and owned software system that the Rhino Crash Repair Group uses to manage your job from quote to final delivery of your repaired vehicle. The Rhino estimator will open up an Auto-Quote file for your job and the Rhino estimator will photograph your vehicle;  

• The damage        

• The number plate        

• The VIN plate        

• The speedometer, to get the mileage        

• The make and model badges These photos are downloaded into Auto-Quote.

The estimator then lists all of the damaged parts and supplementary work required and this information is listed in Auto-Quote. Auto-Quote is pre-programmed with the cost of parts for all vehicles available in the Australian market, the Rhino labour costs, the costs of Rhino sub-contractors and the costs of sundry items. Auto-Quote will produce a quote file that can be emailed to your insurance company for approval.


When an "Authority to repair" email is received from your insurance company, Rhino will book you in and receive your vehicle. Auto-Quote now provides a complete job management service and your parts are ordered using Auto-Quote. A labour/job management page is used in the workshop to track time, costs and progress of your job. Your Auto-Quote file is finalised and closed on delivery of your vehicle.


The file is retained for future reference and resolution of any issues.