Why Is My Car Overheating In Summer

Why_Is_My_Car_Overheating_In_Summer.jpgOne of the main concerns that car owners face is the issue of engine overheating during the torrid summer months. While some do not attach much importance to this phenomenon straightaway, a car engine that overheats regularly is vulnerable to problems which might take a lot more time and money to fix if left to fester. The best way to is to know about the different factors which can cause your car engine to heat up during summer and to address the problem immediately. There are a few things that you need to watch out for, which include –


  • Coolant Levels – In most cases, car engines heat up during summer because of coolant related problems. The coolant is responsible for keeping your engine temperature to optimum levels. Over time, coolant levels may drop, or the quality of coolant may fall. Check your coolant levels and quality, and for good measures, replace your coolant fluid entirely and see if the problem gets corrected.

  • Cooling Fan Problems – Nowadays, most cars have an electric cooling fan for keeping the engine cool. This fan propels cool air towards the engine, and can cause overheating if it does not function properly. Check carefully if the fan is operation, and get it replaced if it is not.

  • Thermostat Problems – Your thermostat is responsible for regulating temperatures when your engine is operating at its maximum. In low speeds, engines do not need aggressive cooling as they do not operate at their maximum capacity. At highway speeds, however, it falls to the thermostat to open at the right time and send coolant through. If your thermostat is not working,

  • Radiator Problems – The most common problem affecting radiators with age is it getting clogged up with deposits of dust and dirt. Flushing your radiator on a yearly basis can help you prevent this.