How to Deal With Chipping Paint on Your Car

How_to_Deal_With_Chipping_Paint_on_Your_Car.jpgIf you are a car owner, you will surely know the importance of maintaining the paint job on your car. A car might be well tuned and performing optimally with all the internal components working smoothly and delivering great performance, but the overall effect gets spoiled if the external appearance is not as pleasing as it should rightfully be. Chipping paint on your car looks bad and gives an undue impression of age and lack of maintenance that you would certainly not want your car to project. There are some very easy steps you can take to manage any case of chipping paint on your car, and doing so preserves its pristine look and sends out a pleasant vibe.

What Causes Chipping Paint

Paint chipping on your car is usually fallout of impact damage. While you drive, your car exterior might get impacted by hard objects like stones. The more you drive your car, the greater is the chance of this happening. On impact, the hard object leaves a chip in the paint, which over time might cause more paint to chip off from your car.

Repairing Chipping Paint

If you see a spot on your car where the paint has been chipping, do not ignore it. Instead, you can carry out some basic repairs. First, identify the exact spot where the paint has been chipping away. Next, lightly sand the chipping area with a fine grit sandpaper to create a smooth surface. You can then use a body touch-up kit to repair the chip, with the exact colour of your paint job. For serious chipping, take your car to a professional body shop for repairs.


You can also try to prevent further instances of chipping paint by applying a top coat system over your car paint job. A reputed body shop can be of great help in this regard.