Common Crash Repair Workshop Delays and How to Avoid them

Common_Crash_Repair_Workshop_delays.JPGWhen we hand over our car to any repair workshop to fix the damages caused by a crash, the first requirement we look for is how quickly they can fix our car. Without the car, we really feel helpless sometimes when we suddenly have to go somewhere. For this reason, before choosing a crash repair workshop, it is better to know about some common delays that you may have to confront, and how to avoid them as well. So, take a look below:

  1. Parts Delays - Sometimes it may happen that the employee responsible for the repair of your car in the workshop orders incorrect parts by mistake. Similarly, even the supplier of the car parts can make mistake when sending them to the repair workshop. And, these things can cause delay. But, you can avoid them by always relying on the reputed workshops, or you can order the parts by your own.

  2. Insurance issues- After the claim has been made from your side and the assessor from the insurance company steps in to get an estimate of the total cost, there might be delay. Time can get stretched unnecessarily, mainly due to the hassles of paperwork.  To avoid this delay, you should always stay in touch with the authorized person from the insurance company, and stay updated about the matter.

  3. Crash repairer is busy- Reputable crash repair workshops usually have to handle loads of work, which can put your car’s repair too down in the waitlist. And, this happens mainly during the winter days. In order to avoid this delay, you should prefer repair workshops that have better work flow system.    

  4. Unseen damage- Sometimes the underlying damage can go unnoticed by the repairman, which can add more delay to the repair process. So, when the repairman checks for damages, it would be better if you stay there and make sure nothing is missed.